Working meeting for traditional industries organized in Podgorica

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Working meeting for traditional industries organized in Podgorica

The CREATIVE@CBC team organized a working meeting on March 30 at the CUE Podgorica Hotel (CentreVille Hotel & Exeriences) for employees of traditional industries from Podgorica. Mapping of traditional industries targets officially registered entities and companies from different areas of traditional industries from Podgorica, such as:

• Agriculture and livestock
• Mining, mining and quarrying
• Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco
• Manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather and related products
• Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
• Manufacture of rubber and plastic products and manufacture of other non-metallic mineralproducts
• Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
• Manufacture of electrical equipment
• Manufacture of machinery and equipment for other purposes
• Manufacture of transport equipment
• Manufacture of furniture and panel materials
• Construction and electricity supply
• Accommodation and food service activities
• Other service activities
• Tourism sector

The meeting in Podgorica was organized to gather community feedback and draw conclusions regarding the interests and demands of traditional industries.

The aim of the meeting was to determine the basic characteristics and gain insight into the current state of traditional industry in Podgorica, such as the needs of industry, its weaknesses and strengths, and proposals and recommendations to encourage the development of the industry.

The results of the mapping will be consolidated in a regional publication that will serve as a basis for other activities and cooperation planned by the project, as well as the definition of new support initiatives, which will be addressed to key decision makers. The research will be based on official data from financial statements and informal channels.


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