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Operates as a part of Sisak Moslavina County Development agency SI-MO-RA Ltd. It is located in Novska on following locations Luka Ilić Oriovcanin Square 8. It includes:

  • offices and a conference space – offices are equipped with computers, phones, copy/scan/print machines, projector, internet,
  • coworking and multimedia space – space for max 150 people (video wall, projector, TVs, sound system)
  • VR equipment (driving simulator, flying simulator, gyroscope, 3D lenses etc.)
  • Music and video studio – music and video equipment providing an opportunity for video game to be created and as an additional aspect a motion capture studio is equipped, enabling for a movement to be translated to animation
  • Motion capture studio
  • Photogrammetric studio
  • 3D printer





Rent of offices

Rent of fully equipped offices

Rent of conference/education spaces

Rent of conference halls for seminars, conferences, business meetings (up to 150 people)

Education and training

Organisation of various education programmes:

·         6-month game development educations (Unity and Blender programs);

·         Business skills scale-up – marketing, financial management, establishing and scaling up of start-ups, social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, communication skills etc.


1.       Direct help from educators for Unity and Blender regarding game development – following client’s first steps towards digitalization or developing of their ideas and leading them throughout entire process;

2.       Drafting of business plans for start-ups;

3.       Consultancy – technical and economic elements;

4.       Support in project implementation

Access to finance

Finding financial sources for start ups  


B2B meetings and workshops, networking with established gaming companies, support for business development.


Providing certification for educations and trainings attended in Creative Center




·         Promotional and raising awareness activities.

·         Organization of various events

Event organization and visits

Organization of various events with the main aim of promoting – providing information about PISMO, and networking with relevant stakeholders for future business. It includes also participation in other events for the networking and brokerage purpose.



Design and prototyping activities

Product testing and validation of newly created start-up ideas, offering alternatives if necessary

Rent of equipment

Rent of equipment on daily basis – computers, motion capture studio, photogrammetry, CNC Machine, melting furnace, 3D printer, VR equipment

Rent of music and video studio

Rent of music and video equipment on daily basis

Rent of coworking spaces with VR equipment

Rent of coworking space and VR equipment on daily basis

Support to scaling up of businesses

Providing consultation services: Mentoring in general business operations, concept validation, networking and brokerage, indicating sources of financing, etc.