Questionnaire for cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Podgorica

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Questionnaire for cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Podgorica

Mapping of creative industries in Podgorica is carried out within the regional project CREATIVE@CBC with the aim of determining the status and characteristics of the creative industry in the observed area.

The focus will be on actors in the creative industries and on know-how service providers, ie registered entities, individuals interested in career development in this sector, as well as freelancers.

The CREATIVE@CBC project is designed to create a favorable environment for the development of creative industries and cross-sectoral links with IT, cultural and traditional industries. The project is dedicated to the development of infrastructure and equipping a creative center in Podgorica that will work to develop a community that brings together freelancers, start-up teams and companies from
various fields of creative industries such as visual arts, design, film, photography, architecture, computer programming, art and traditional crafts, etc.

The research is conducted in parallel in Prijedor, Sisak and Podgorica, and the results of the research will be consolidated in a regional publication that will serve as a basis for other activities and cooperation planned by the project, as well as defining new support initiatives for key decision makers.

You can find the questionnaire at the following link -CLICK HERE TO FILL FORM-
Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.


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