Public call for free training in gaming, multimedia and digital marketing

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Public call for free training in gaming, multimedia and digital marketing

CREATIVE@CBC project team calls for interested applicants to fill in the form and apply for free training modules in Podgorica, Prijedor and Sisak.

The trainings will be held in the period from June to September 2021, depending on the area.

The lecturers at the trainings will be renowned experts from the mentioned fields from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, who will provide the participants with excellent prerequisites for further training and professional activity.

The trainings will consist of a theoretical part and practical work.

The trainings are primarily intended for:

• Young unemployed from Podgorica, Prijedor and Sisak;
• To all those who want to quickly start an independent Freelance business, either with us or online on a global level;
• To all those who want to upgrade their existing knowledge and further commercialize it;
• To all other interested people who have the desire to acquire knowledge in the above areas for the purpose of (self) employment.

Unemployed persons and young people who intend to work professionally in one of the offered areas have an advantage when choosing participants. Also, a significant role in the selection of participants will be played by the motivation letter and previous experience of the candidates in the mentioned areas. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

The exact schedule of the training, as well as the duration of the training will be determined later, of which the selected participants will be notified in a timely manner. All trainings will be performed between 08:00 – 16:00.

For more information about the application, please visit following links:

For Podgorica -CLICK HERE-
For Prijedor -CLICK HERE-
For Sisak -CLICK HERE-

For additional information and clarifications, you can contact country coordinators.


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