Online workshop “Potentials of cooperation between traditional and creative industry of Prijedor” was held

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Online workshop “Potentials of cooperation between traditional and creative industry of Prijedor” was held

The Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor “PREDA-PD” held on April 13, 2021. year online workshop “Potentials of cooperation between traditional and creative industry of Prijedor” within the project “Development of cross-border network of creative industry – CREATIVE@CBC”.

The workshop was attended by over 20 participants, including representatives of the traditional industry of Prijedor, hired experts who previously conducted an analysis of traditional industry and analysis of cultural and creative industries in the city of Prijedor, as well as representatives of reputable companies who presented some new business models. and sales, and local representatives of innovative practices.

The aim of the workshop was to acquaint representatives of traditional industry with innovative business models, and get feedback on their needs, benefits and opportunities to improve cooperation with the creative industry, and factors that can contribute to facilitate and accelerate this cooperation.

The course of the workshop was divided into three parts. During the first part, the participants were introduced to the project “CREATIVE@CBC” and activities on that project, and then the characteristics of traditional industrial sectors and creative industry of Prijedor, ie the results of analyzes of these industries and their development potential, as well as SWOT analysis.

The second part of the workshop had a slightly more dynamic course. A larger number of lecturers, as well as interesting presentations of a smaller volume, enabled the attention of other participants to be maintained. Participants were introduced to innovative business models from the global level, such as business models on online platforms for trade or sales through dropshipping models, and business
management software (ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning). Also presented are popular marketing tools and trends, such as Facebook advertising, Google analytics, Google Adwords etc. In addition, participants were introduced to some local innovative practices and experiences, in terms of linking knowledge and creativity with traditional business in order to create new value.

The final part of the workshop was left for discussion by the participants, in order to gain knowledge about the interest of traditional industry representatives in new business models, and knowledge about the potentials and ways of their cooperation with representatives of the creative industry.

The main goal of the project “CREATIVE @ CBC” is to create a favorable environment for the development of the creative industry and cross-sectoral connections with IT, cultural and traditional industries.

To this end, the PREDA-PD Agency plans to enable all interested creatives to attend training in the field of design and multimedia, digital marketing, as well as training in the field of gaming.


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