Project initial conference in Podgorica

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Project initial conference in Podgorica

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, the Association for Democratic Prosperity –Zid organized the initial conference of the project “Development of a cross-border network for cooperation of creative industries – CREATIVE@CBC”. The conference had a LIVE broadcast on the organization’s Youtube channel available at -CLICK HERE TO CHECK VIDEO-

The four-hour conference was held in the Multimedia Hall of the Capital Podgorica, and the event was attended by:

• Branka Žižić, MA – Director General of the Directorate for Innovation and Technological Development, Ministry of Science
• Petar Kovačević – Independent Advisor for Creative Industries at the Ministry of Culture
• Marjan Junčaj – City Manager, Capital Podgorica
• Kemal Grbović – Secretary, Secretariat for Entrepreneurship of the Capital Podgorica
• Goran Rodić – Coordinator of the Sector for Economic Development, Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor PREDA, Prijedor
• Andreja Šeperac – Deputy Director / Head of EU Projects Department, Development Agency SI-MO-RA doo, Sisak
• Sanda Rakočević – Executive Director, Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid
• Dragana Radević – Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (IPER)
• Francesco Molinari – owner and manager of the company “XR8”, which is a member of the European LivingLab network (The European Network of Living Labs – ENOLL)
• Igor Milošević – Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid
• Boris Marđonović – Executive Director of the NGO Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship of Montenegro, PI of the Chamber of Crafts of Montenegro and the NGO Association of Hotels of Montenegro
• Ivan Joličić – testing of products developed on blockchain technology and tokenization, Upbeat Hub
• Ema Alihodžić Jašarović and Sanja Paunović-Žarić – members of the “O5” startup team awarded at the competition of the Ministry of Culture

The conference addressed topics such as the synchronization of innovation policies, supporting ecosystems for the development and application of innovation, the potential of creative industries and market challenges for the affirmation of initiatives. Branka Žižić gave an overview of the results achieved in the past three years in establishing a functional innovation system, which includes improving policies
through the Smart Specialization Strategy and Startup Encouragement Program, improving infrastructure through the development of Technopolis in Niksic and Science and Technology Park in Podgorica, significant financial support instruments. innovative projects as well as new legal solutions for the introduction of tax incentives in the field of innovation and technological development. Petar Kovačević gave an overview of the realization of creative hubs as an infrastructural stronghold for cultural and creative industries throughout Montenegro, as well as the notable results of the Creative Montenegro program.

Experiences from the cities of Prijedor and Sisak were presented at the conference, while the General Manager of the Capital, Marjan Junčaj and the Secretary of the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship, Kemal Grbović, spoke about the vision of Podgorica as a city of innovations, which will be achieved by hub Jusovača, but also by launching the Smart City project supported by the Embassy of the French Republic.
In the long run, the most promising scientific and development project is SEEIIST, coordinated by the Ministry of Science, for which the Capital is ready to offer space. The project of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development “Development of cultural and creative industries as part of a sustainable economic sector in Montenegro” was presented, supported by UNESCO, and the full meaning of the conference was given by representatives of startup 05 (“Again”). recycled waste to create urban furniture.

The conference participants shared with the audience interesting information that can be extremely useful for all those who are interested in the field of creative industries and innovation.

The law provides for the establishment of a innovation fund – a special institution that would deal with the financing of innovative projects, monitoring of these projects, and which would participate in the program part in directing innovation policies towards something that is a promising area for Montenegro.

A strategy of smart specialization that aims to bring its future development in line with what is the global vision of the European Union, and that is truly the Innovation Union. It’s the focus to seek and apply smarter and more competitive solutions in the areas of sustainable agriculture, green energy, sustainable health tourism and information technology. The Government of Montenegro has passed a Decision on the formation of the Council for Innovation and Smart Specialization, whose tasks you can learn more about at the link.

According to research by EY (2015), the cultural and creative industries (KKI) are:

• Among the fastest growing sectors worldwide and the main drivers of the economies of developed and developing countries
• represent a source of significant income and are a generator of jobs
• Europe: revenues of USD 709 billion, share of 3% of GDP and 7.7 million employees
• In addition to economic benefits, CCIs create non-monetary value that significantly contributes to achieving human, inclusive and sustainable development
• CCIs are of great importance in fostering cultural diversity and have a positive impact on culture in general, on science, education and the development of society as a whole.


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